God’s Stewards – Time

by Brad Jolly

I like to plan my day (and days in advance for that matter).  My ideal day would be to just flow through getting each task done (and checking it off) one after the other (with no interruptions or unexpected diversions to my plan). Of course, this rarely occurs.  In fact, I don’t recall a day that actually went entirely according to plan.  I’m sure you can relate.  It’s all a subtle (or not so subtle) reminder that we are not in control, and also that our time is not our own.  Yeah, I said it, and you just read it.  Our time is not our own.  In fact, nothing is really our own because it all belongs to God.  Our time, our possessions, and our lives overall.

So today we are going to look at what God says about being stewards of time.  A steward is somebody who has been entrusted to manage or oversee something that belongs to somebody else.  We like to throw out the phrase, “God owns it all”, and it’s true, so that means time is part of “all”, right?  God has allocated a certain number of days for us on this earth, and as believers, we are called to be “redeeming the time, because the days are evil.” (Ephesians 5:16).

In Mrs. Paul Friederichsen’s book, “God’s Will Made Clear”, she explains what redeeming the time looks like.

“We have been left here on earth [after coming to know Christ as our Savior] that we might buy up the opportunities for God – opportunities to witness, to love, to serve, to worship, to pray and give and go; to be a blessing and to receive blessings, all these are the possibilities at our disposal.  But, oh, how we waste our time!”

When I read that statement, it made me re-assess how I allocate my time.  We are called to live intentionally – purposefully – to use our time each day for God’s purposes.

Begin by asking God, “Lord, what have you planned for me today to be used for your purposes, which are greater than mine, to love someone, to share Jesus with someone, to get to know you better through your Word and through prayer.  Use me today, Jesus, for your purposes.”  Amen