Spiritual Addition and Spiritual Multiplication are both very important. Spiritual Multiplication over time, reaches far more people for Jesus Christ than Spiritual Addition. Anywhere in the world, a movement of disciples, who in turn make more disciples, can reach the world for Christ in our generation! It only takes a spark to get a fire going. We encourage you to begin by leading one person to Christ, discipling them in the basics and training them how to do the same with others. Each one reaching others who will reach others for Christ. Christ in us for others! My friend, begin this process today. Start a Grace Group that multiplies. Jesus had 12, look what happened! The world heard the gospel of Jesus Christ and there was no electricity!

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Maybe you have never been discipled and have never discipled anyone else. If God is laying on your heart to start a movement of disciple making that multiplies to the ends of the earth I would encourage you to download this free training manual and simply begin. You are about to be blessed!

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