Newsletter March 2017

God uses you as you pray and support this ministry. We recently received an encouraging letter from someone who has been blessed by the mission work of Abiding Above Ministries.

“Thank you so much for the most recent newsletter regarding the Great Commission. It is my desire for those around me (as they watch and listen to me) pick [sic] up on the hope that is in me. It is also my desire to obey the Great Commandment, ‘To love the Lord your God with all my heart, and with all my soul, and all my mind. So please pray for me to be obedient to these two things! And yes, please send me the free gospel tracts, ‘How Can I Get To Heaven?’ I was also very excited to read how you have seen an increase in the number of those who in prison have reached out to you for Bible lessons! I have always had a burden for those behind prison walls to get help and to know they are not forgotten and that for them to know, there is hope, Jesus! So, praise God for this wonderful news. I will be praying!” Jacklyn

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